About Vanessa Smith


Hi, I’m Vanessa.

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Consider this intro a virtual handshake, high-five, and hug.

A storyteller at heart with a fierce passion for life and the enjoyment of it.

As for what I do, I’m a next steps strategist, pragmatic psychic, and certified coach. My calling is is to help illuminate yours.

In our work together, I draw out how to bridge the gap between here and there. It works is like this:

I am able to see the underlying dynamic of why people are really stuck, what’s truly been holding them back, what their potential actually is, and the specific to them steps to shift into a more gratifying life.

When a client asks me a question, they also show me an answer. I happen to know how to “read” the answer. Essentially, all I’m doing is mirroring your truth back to you. That’s why it hits home so deeply for people, because it’s their information!

That leaves you on the other end exclaiming “Oooohhhh, now I get it. It makes so much sense. No wonder I felt stuck. Now I know what to do.”

You can think of me like a lighthouse, except without the foghorn.

A mirror that showcases the best of you and what could be.

A messenger. As there is always a clear one waiting for you.

Then I throw on the certified coach hat to put some structure and strategy around those next steps so you can craft the life and impact you crave.

For info on my professional experience, educational background, and personal story, click below. Or on my former bio, which was too good to throw away!

Ready to be a client? Work with me. For more info on this work, visit the FAQs.


Vanessa’s answers and insights really hit home in a deep way. I walked away with helpful tips and tools, insights and a lot of introspection. Plus, she is funny!"

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