What I do

Time and again, I've witnessed clients compromise themselves when they don't need to, hit their own glass ceiling, and essentially not see what they are capable of.

The most effective strategies and well laid out plans simply don't work as well nor provide you with a sense of fulfillment until you confidently own your power.

That's what I do.

I help people see themselves so they can fully be themselves in every arena of life.

My coach approach is pragmatic, creative, holistic, and intuitive as it draws from multiple disciplines and philosophies.

As a result of working together, clients go from stuck to started, letting clarity and intuition lead instead of fear. Once you find your sense of true power, your impact is deep and success inevitable. 

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A slice of my story

As the old adage goes, you teach what you most need to learn. This applies in my case as well. My story points in the same direction. It took me, well, until last week, to see myself. Ha, I kid. The truth is, you find yourself in bits and pieces along the way, ultimately putting together a more cohesive and accurate picture of who you are at your core. When you're identified with this, your passions begin to align with your purpose. Then, it all culminates in your personal life mission. In other words, what drives you forward and inspires you to act. 

My path has been quite varied. From health crisis to life reinventions to major moves, I now feel very clear on my passions, purpose, and mission in this life. 

I was born and raised in Oakland, California by an artist father and activist mother in a very culturally and economically diverse neighborhood. Always sensitive, aware, and quite responsible feeling for being part of the solution rather than the problem. I care about personal growth, social impact, and sustainability. I have a soft spot for creating communities where people feel supported, connected, and compelled to make a positive difference in the world. 

Where Intuition Comes into the Picture

One of the gifts I am so proud to have is a very well developed and finely tuned intuition. When I look at people, I see them as if their potential was already fulfilled. Not in a cheerleader, be the best of you kind of way. Though that is helpful too, and I do like to play that role. For me, it comes as a very clear, actual vision as if the best you is literally standing in front of me, like an overlay or an image on top of you. It's something I've always been able to do. Growing up, my friends would say - "How did you know that?!" or "That's Ness, the wise old owl."

As time went on, this gift grew and I was able to not only see potential, but also know specific to you steps of how to get there. This is incredibly helpful when you feel like there's a gap between where you are and where you want to be. Going through a rigorous coach training program expanded my innate skillset. The other really important piece for me was having mentors. In the last 3 decades, I've had 6 mentors who worked with me to help me know myself, trust myself, and develop my intuition. This was invaluable for me.

Educational & Professional Background

Masters degree

Holistic Health Education (2006) John F. Kennedy University. 3 year program to understand the body in health and healing from a holistic perspective. Examined approaches from Western and Eastern cultures, the ethics of a therapeutic client/practitioner relationship, and the mechanics of empowered healing. 


Life Coach (2004) John F. Kennedy University. 1.5 year graduate level program surveying the breadth and depth of coaching philosophy, skill, and practice. Included approaches of New Ventures West, Coaches Training Institute (co-active model), Strozzi Institute (somatic based), and more. 

Diet Counselor (2002) Bauman College. A 6 month nutrition program on how to use whole foods to help heal the body and restore health. 

I'm also certified as a massage therapist and in other various holistic healing modalities.

Professional summary

Diverse leadership, creative, and training positions in the field of health and wellness. Well versed and enjoy utilizing multiple communication platforms, from public speaking to social media. Content creation and writing is my jam. Always a keen sense of people and the underlying dynamics that drive them. My goal is to empower individuals to effectively construct happy, healthy, meaningful, and productive lives. In essence, to help them live what lights them up. 

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It is worthy to note that I used to be a Professional Princess.

I worked for a company called Magic Princess while in graduate school.

I went to children's birthday parties dressed in full ballroom dresses and a tiara.

It was amazing. The most famous I've ever been. 

Most importantly, I found that no matter what age, race, or economic status - everyone wants to believe in magic! 

I still to find this to be true, even though now my tiara is invisible. ⭐