Alignment Coaching

for those ready to:

Get clear, specific, and make a plan for your next steps! This type of coaching is about creating change by being intuitively strategic.

Stop wasting time, money, energy, and opportunities through indecision, second-guessing, or other mind games and delay tactics. You’ll learn how to quickly reroute your focus so you are clear and committed to taking right action with the right energy and right attitude.

Expose and transform the ways in which you hold yourself back so you can better propel yourself forward into a life that fulfills you.

Align yourself with your spiritual truth and what you do well. With this, what you think and feel will match what you say and do. This way, you send out a clear message about who you are, what you want, and what you are offering to life.

Alignment coaching will help you:

  • Bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be while staying in alignment with your truth.

  • Explore and define your goals, vision, and values from a place of integrity, intuition, and insight.

  • Link your intention and goals to your spirituality and purpose.

This package contains a combination of my psychic read, energy assessment, intuitive strategy, and coaching structure. I use all my skills to help you get connected to your purpose, potential, and truth in a practical, down to earth way for tangible change and spiritual growth.


Book your bundle

6 weeks of aligning the inside with the outside, and vice versa, until voila. INTUITION + ACTION + TRUST

What you get:

  • 6 individual one hour sessions; recording access to further help change.

  • Online interactive guidebook to track what we cover and receive feedback from me.

  • Email access for brief questions and support in between sessions.

Topics we could cover

Wondering what the focus of our sessions could be about? Look no further than what I’ve worked with clients on before.