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Vanessa has super powers...seriously!

She was able to see a dream for my life that I held in my mind for years but hadn’t told anyone about. Working with her is like being in front of a mirror. She shows me things that I instinctively know I need to do, but haven't yet been able to due to my self-limiting beliefs and habits. What's even better is that Vanessa's helping me figure out how to access my ability to make these things happen in my life.

I’m so beyond grateful that I overcame my poverty mentality that would normally prevent me from spending money on investing in myself. I always believed there was something more for me, but my beliefs about what was possible, what I was capable of, and even if the path was right for me held me back from taking any sort of action.

I kept telling myself I needed more time, money, skills, etc before I could take action. What I needed was my point of view to shift so I could begin to take the steps to make my dream a reality.

My turning point & all the changes…

So many things have changed for me since I first started working with Vanessa. I had been following her journey as she followed intuition and moved from one country to another. She really does live what she preaches.

The turning point came for me when my mom died. It really woke me up to how short life is. I wasn’t sure how Vanessa could help but I was blown away by how she did. This is how it happened:

I joined her membership community. Never in a million years did I think asking a few questions would reveal the dreams that I’ve kept tucked inside my head for some far off future time to be something that I should pursue, and pursue NOW.

The information that Vanessa has the ability to see is valuable well-beyond what she is charging. She saw my life potential and the limiting beliefs and other self-imposed obstacles I had standing in the way of realizing it. Then she communicated that information back to me in an extremely effective way.

Through my work with Vanessa, I managed to convince my husband to sign on to a completely new life path for our family. After months of persistence and believing that it was all possible, my husband agreed to take this big leap. We’ve since sold much of our possessions and our house, started multiple business streams, and sculpted a plan to go on a journey, one that would get us out of our comfort zones and our previously stagnant family dynamic. We’re in the midst of a 10-week cross US road trip. Next, we’ll land in Costa Rica, where we’ll be living in an eco village and learning about permaculture and more sustainable ways of living.

My work with Vanessa has helped me come to a place of deep understanding that there is much more in this life to uncover and influence. I feel a greater sense of agency, hope, and resilience that I am capable of creating a life of impact and meaning, all while having fun and finding joy in life.Vanessa truly has a gift, and I’m so fortunate to have crossed paths with her.

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