Amanda’s Story

Founder of Bare Shoe Review & (soon to be) World Traveler


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Vanessa has super powers...seriously!

She was able to see a dream for my life that I held in my mind for years but hadn’t told anyone about. Working with her is like being in front of a mirror. She shows me things that I instinctively know I need to do, but haven't yet been able to due to my self-limiting beliefs and habits. What's even better is that Vanessa's helping me figure out how to access my ability to make these things happen in my life.

I’m so beyond grateful that I overcame my poverty mentality that would normally prevent me from spending money on investing in myself. I always believed there was something more for me, but my beliefs about what was possible, what I was capable of, and even if the path was right for me held me back from taking any sort of action.

I kept telling myself I needed more time, money, skills, etc before I could take action. What I needed was my point of view to shift so I could begin to take the steps to make my dream a reality.

The turning point

I took a chance joining her membership community, Beneficially Bossy, without really knowing how it would help me. Never in a million years did I think asking a few questions would reveal the dreams that I’ve kept tucked inside my head for some far off future time to be something that I should pursue, and pursue NOW.

The information that Vanessa has the ability to see is valuable well-beyond what she is charging. She is able to see a life potential that we ourselves cannot see because of our limiting beliefs and other self-imposed obstacles. Then she communicates that information back to you in an extremely effective way.

It gives us the power to change the direction of our lives to one that resonates most harmoniously with who we truly are. Vanessa truly has a gift, and I’m so fortunate to have crossed paths with her. I love being able to follow her on her own journey, which was a big part of what led me to begin working with her. She lives what she preaches.