Amona’s Story

Inspirational Speaker. University Dean.


I’ve worked with vanessa for over 5 years

Her intuitive, keen ability to pinpoint the area I struggled in was absolutely amazing!

She is able to see the entire picture from A to Z. I love that she speaks straight to the problem but remains kind and supportive. She coached in a way that allowed me to discover abilities I didn’t know I had.

I’ve worked with her on so many different aspects of my life - career, relationships, money, my purpose, spirituality, family challenges. I can’t say enough good things on how it has helped me grow, know myself, and truly change the direction of my life.

Vanessa really does keep me in check, call me out, and show me - in not so obvious ways - how I’m blocking my own progress. She is an excellent coach and I highly recommend her. Completely worth it.

Though I am an active member of Beneficially Bossy, where she gives spot on readings, I also make sure to bank up 1 on 1 sessions with her. Because sometimes you just need more, and she gives it to you!