Dr. Andrea G’s Story

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Working with vanessa has been one of the best decisions of my life!

It’s been a short 9 months of intensive 1 on 1 work with Vanessa, and I feel like such a different person yet so much more like myself. Vanessa has literally changed my perspective and life. My true purpose has been illuminated. I've cleared the clutter (and BS) out of my life in order to make room for the bigger ME. I stopped hiding and have been making huge energetic shifts in my life. I feel more connected and in love with my life more than ever before.

I have completed multiple packages of Alignment Coaching as well as the Spiritual Mentorship and feel so much clearer in my purpose on this planet. And it's continuing to reveal itself to me in ways that totally blows my socks off. πŸ˜† I have created morning routines and my energy tool belt has increased exponentially.

What I love about Vanessa is that she is "woo" AND pragmatic.

She will literally put into words what you are feeling and don't know how to express. She does this EVERY session we have. I often say, "Ahhhh, that feels so much better now that you've put words to how I was feeling.”

If you are ready to uplevel your energy and your life, Vanessa is your coach! Feel stuck and don't know why? Check out this badass psychic. Now is the time my loves. Join her in a journey you will never regret. If I could recommend her to everyone, I would!

Be ready to see your true potential and break free of the bonds that have been holding you back.

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