Andrea’s Story

Accountant. future winery owner. World traveler.


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How I met vanessa was the culmination of a symphony of synchronicity

I was attending a networking lunch where everyone had to introduce themselves. When Vanessa introduced herself, I immediately wondered is this the Vanessa that my friend Shea messaged me about, saying she could likely help me with the clarity I was seeking? I knew I had to talk with her at the first opportunity. Little did I know, she immediately felt called to talk with me too. I took out my phone to show Vanessa the message (pictured) and it was her! It was one of those synchronistic moments. I decided to have a session with Vanessa right after the networking lunch. It’s been nearly one year, many sessions, workshops, and all of her courses later! I’m pleased to say that I found the clarity I was looking for, AND I not only have a very specific future vision laid out via her but also a roadmap on how to get there. Thanks Vanessa!