Ashley’s Story

Acupuncturist. Massage Therapist. Mama of 2.



My life is really opening up to something new!

When I started working with Vanessa, on the outside, things in my life were going ok. But on the inside, I could feel a new expression of myself and my life just begging to be born. At the time, I felt totally mired in indecision, limiting beliefs, lack of clarity and feelings of disempowerment. After our first session, it was like a path forward crystallized in front of me and all the other stuff getting in the way just fell by the wayside. It was like I was given permission to trust what I really wanted in life and what I really wanted to believe about it. I felt so much relief and empowerment to move forward and have felt so much positive change in my life since then, not just in outer circumstances, but also in how I think about and approach my life and decision-making. For anyone experiencing stuck-ness, feelings of limitation, lack of clarity, and wanting to get connected with their purpose and potential path, I highly recommend a consultation with Vanessa!