Psychic? Yes.

Let's demystify it, then show you how I can put it to practical use for you.  

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At a very basic level, being psychic or a seer (which I personally prefer terminology wise), is someone who can access information that goes beyond the typical realm of the 5 senses. Think about this practically, everywhere you go, you are "sensing" energy. You get a feel for people, places, situations. It's an immediate gut sense. We all have this.

For a psychic, the ability to sense things is enhanced and amplified, like graduate level instead of kindergarten. In our cultural mythology - and often with aspects of life we don't fully understand - psychics get judged, are the butt of jokes, seen as show ponies or fakes, crystal ball holders, future predictors, and those who chat with dead people.

That's not me nor what I do. My approach is down to earth, pragmatic, and focused on your potential. The information I'm able to sense is what's going on underneath the surface of your life - that thing that keeps you feeling stuck, that potential waiting to be activated, and the specific steps to get from here to there. Clients want to be seen, so they can get on with it - align their lives with what's possible and feel more fulfilled.

How I discovered my abilities 

I've always had a "sixth sense" about people, able to easily read what's going on for them and what could help. I thought everyone could do that. I, myself, was skeptical of psychics. My cultural programming and fear of the unknown was deep. But I also believed there are amazing mysteries I can't explain, and that life itself is a miracle, so...why couldn't something like this be possible?

In 1996, I attended a psychic fair. I went to 4 different psychics, out of earshot from each other, to prove to myself that this kind of gift couldn't be real. I quickly became humbled as each of the psychics told me pretty much the exact same thing, including that I had this ability too. I ignored that information for a few years. 🙄

In 1998, I met my first mentor and began working with clients. Despite the positive results and continuous word of mouth referrals, I kept being psychic somewhat hidden because I was scared of being judged. There's such a primal need to belong. No one wants to be ostracized from their tribe for not fitting in. Yet, time and again, I was shown how transformative it was to help people in this way. Why in the world would we have such gifts and keep them secret? 


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How it works for me 

Just like every artist has a different specialty, so it is with psychics. I am able to see, hear, know, feel, sense, and read information. My ability to understand what I call the energy dynamics of a situation is quite fine tuned.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought, "Gah! If I could just figure out why this person bugs me so much?" or "Something seems off here and I can't put my finger on it." I can answer those questions pretty easily.

You know how you feel when you finally get an answer to something that stumped you previously? Relieved. Or, as most of my clients say, "Ooooohhhh, that makes so much sense now!"

And pictured to your left is my lovely crystal ball. But it's not for fortune telling. My mom got it for my dad from MoMA back in the 1970's. Now, let's get started...