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A Bite Sized Format

Get clarity, boost your confidence, connect with your own intuition, and have a good time while doing so! 

Ask a question. Get an answer. Yes please! 

You still have to do the work though. 😉

Here’s how it works:

- You ask questions via the Question thread posted in the group or by Facebook messenger if you'd like your question answered anonymously. 

- You can ask as many questions as you like. If I don't get to them one day, it'll happen on another!

- I go Live for 15 minutes to answer questions multiple days a week. And when I'm feeling saucy and extra tuned in, you'll get a bonus something special coming your way.

- Once your question has been answered, you will be tagged in the video and the link to the video will be posted as a reply to your question. If anonymous, link to the video will be sent back to you via messenger.

- Do note, I am not using cards like many psychics do. My specialty is to read the underlying dynamic of why you feel stuck, the specific to you steps of how to turn it around, and what your potential actually looks like. The answers are right there, in front of me and I get to reflect them back to you. I see and hear this information and don’t need cards for that!

The goal & result IS:

You saying "That's it!!! I've been trying to figure out what the deal was, and now I know. I am finally unstuck and know how to move forward." And at only a fraction of the cost it would be to work 1 on 1 with me

About me:

 ✔️ Well-practiced, down to earth, relatable psychic (20 years)

✔️ Certified Life Coach (2004)

 ✔️ Holistic Health Educator (Masters)

 ✔️ Accidental comedian (turns out, I'm funny)

More than just Live readings! 

➡️ Mindful Mondays - Where I share best practices to increase mindfulness and reduce stress in your life. There's such power in stillness, as well as a change in perspective. Plus it helps you hear your intuition better. Yay! 

➡️ Talk to Me Tuesdays - Magic, musings, and mentors. It's storytelling time and I have many. I'm a writer at heart and love to share the wisdom and wacky experiences I've had.

➡️ Woo Wednesdays - Let's demystify this woo thing, shall we? In these posts, I'll take a woo considered concept and break it down to the best of my knowledge so it makes more sense.

 ➡️ Intuition Tip Thursdays - My best tips to help you develop, trust, and follow your intuition.

 ➡️ Dance Party Fridays - Because movement is life. And yep, sometimes I'm dancing. On video. Because it's Friday. If you upload a video of you dancing in the comments of those posts, I may have something special in store for you...

Welcome to the membership where you:

⭐ Get a cheatsheet to your best life

⭐ Explore your purpose and potential

⭐ Transform where you’re feeling stuck

⭐ Know the underlying dynamic of what’s really holding you back & how to change it

…and so much more!

Beneficially Bossy gives you access to a real life, legit, relatable psychic (ME!) to answer your unlimited questions multiple days a week via Live 15 minute video.


83 cents/day!


only €75


The story behind the title Beneficially Bossy

One day, my husband said “You’re kind of bossy. But it’s really helpful. You’re…beneficially bossy.”

I then contacted my friend to bemoan his words, to which she replied, “It’s true though.”

Well, I would have called that being direct, but it doesn’t have the same ring!

Have you ever felt stuck and wanted someone to tell you what to do?

Wouldn’t it be even better if they were spot on,

connecting you to your truth?

⭐ Then consider this your personal welcoming committee to Beneficially Bossy. ⭐

Sign up now!

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