What it's like to be psychic - Part 1

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If I could sum up what it’s like to be a psychic, I’d say…

It’s strange. And wonderful. A wild and creative ride through the psychology of humanity, the language of energy, and the spiritual landscape.

It alters your view of why people are the way they are and how much power we each have to shift what’s going on internally and externally. As a psychic, you soon realize that “stuck” is a misguided word for the marriage between impatience and alchemy.

While I could list out the challenges, and I just might, I want to start off with the good stuff:

You know who your people are right away.

Try bringing up what you do for work at a dinner party, networking event, or when you meet someone new. Met with crickets? Looks of horror and judgment? Eyes awkwardly looking in the other direction? Not. Your. People.

I understand. It’s not a common profession. Nor are we taught that it’s an acceptable one.

I wasn’t raised to believe in psychics. But, I wasn’t indoctrinated not to either. I grew up in an environment where I was encouraged to stay curious, ask questions, not settle, and to be myself. Boxes, perceived and imagined, were meant to be opened, contents dumped and rearranged until they made sense.

There’s great freedom in that.

Psychics are seers, knowers, listeners, and energy assessors.

We hear beyond what’s being said and can tap into the unspoken. We see the potential waiting to bloom. We know and trust in the capabilities of the person in front of us. We understand that energy is real even if it appears invisible to others.

Not so different from other growing, helping, and healing professions, yes?

Those who are curious, open minded, and interested in how what I do shapes who I am - those are my people.

If you’re reading this, that’s probably you! Hello, nice to meet you.


You see the truth of people and situations

This is what a psychic looks like. Pretty normal, right? Also pretty in purple. 😃

This is what a psychic looks like. Pretty normal, right? Also pretty in purple. 😃

Handy, right? How many times have you wondered about an opportunity being legit? Or second-guessed a person’s authenticity? Or spent too much time being indecisive? Or lost time and money by investing in something that wasn’t a good match?

I see too many hands raised right now. You have a way out! It’s called intuition. Something we all have. Mine just happens to be finely tuned (lots of practice) and an expanded version (born this way).

Have you learned how to use your intuition to enhance your life so you no longer waste time, energy, money, or opportunities? I can show you how. There truly is guidance everywhere. It’s a matter of belief, practice, and trust.

As a psychic, I “read” people. I see the underlying dynamics of a relationship without the person needing to tell me the whole story. I hear the real message behind the words someone speaks and know distinctly what’s not being said and how that’s impacting their life. It’s very helpful when people feel stuck, want to change, but just aren’t sure what’s been holding them back from doing so.


You know, without a doubt, there is something more

Listen, when you meet someone for the first time and instantly know information about them though they haven’t said a word to you, you know there’s more to reality than what you’ve previously understood.

Then, they verify your read of them is spot on, followed by tears of relief welling up from being seen and exclaiming “How did you know?!” This is a shared gift for both the psychic (me) and the client (you) because we’ve both acknowledged there’s more to life than what we had been conditioned to believe.

If I can see something that’s not evident in someone and they have confirmed this is the case, then what is that all about? What exactly is happening?


There is an energy reality around everyone and everything which holds information of the past, present, and future. Of wisdom lost. Of truth found. Of the origins of who we are and who we are becoming. Of the expansive support we actually have. Call it what you will - content, stories, information, dynamics - the energy field is rich with it.

There is more.

When you take this in, like really take it in, you come to know that there is no problem that doesn’t at least have a bajillion solutions. It’s up to us to listen, act, and trust.

You come to know there is no real loneliness, only a perceived disconnect.

You come to see that you belong to something much larger, more ancient, and more spiritual than you can articulate. We all have a seed in us reaching for that. Some people find it in religion, others in nature, others in atheism.

No matter what your belief system is we are all just looking to belong. The irony is, we can never not.


Life appears to be fantastical and magical

In my princessing days. Can’t say my life isn’t interesting.

In my princessing days. Can’t say my life isn’t interesting.

Now, given that I used to be a professional princess, I’m a fan of the fantastical. Everywhere I went, parents and kids of different cultures and economic classes, all wanted to believe in magic. When you are able to see energy like I do, it is magical! I’m not talking in that dark, spell casting way. That’s not my thing. Nor do I work with those who seek such manipulation of energy. The magic I see is the kind that naturally exists within us and around us.

Imagine for a moment, you are a cartoon character, in technicolor, with no time or space barriers, no limits and full access to your creativity. If you could turn your thoughts and feelings into cartoon expression, then welcome to my world, this is often what I see.

Consider a relationship that’s bringing you down, a feeling you can’t shake, a mental loop you keep processing, or someone who is draining you. As a way to process it, it’s not only your thoughts and emotions that are trying to make sense of what’s going on, your imagination does too. In fact, your imagination is code word for a creative use of moving energy. Stuck energy wants to move!

We unconsciously use our creativity and imagination to energetically show how something is impacting us. This is what I see and read as a psychic. A client will mention something about her mom, and an energy picture/image will pop up, which I then translate “You have an interesting dynamic with your mom. It looks like she’s standing on your face, with her foot right on your mouth!” The response, “OMG, that is exactly how it feels. I feel like my mom never sees me, like I just can’t speak up around her. Wow, I feel so much better knowing someone else can see that! That’s weird and cool.” Pretty much the majority of sessions of how sessions go!

We create these fantastical energy expressions in order to deal with the challenges of life.

To have someone see and hear what’s truly going on for us is incredibly validating. All I’m doing is mirroring back someone’s truth, but because I do so via my read of the energy, the whole experience has a more magical quality to it. It then opens you up further to using creativity in ways to constructively move your life forward. As you do, you begin to see the creative, magical, and fantastical in all things.

Such an interesting and rich topic, isn’t it?!

Stay tuned for Part 2…

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