What it's like to be psychic - Part 2

In the second part of this series, I want to share with you how being a psychic has changed me in ways I always wanted but never expected. Let me give you some back story…

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Growing up and through early adulthood, I felt stuck and drained a lot. A LOT. When I was around certain people, I knew when they were lying, what they were really thinking, and what their intentions were. Many of us are able to read others in this way, but we don’t have the words to articulate what we intuitively know, nor do we have the trust in our “read” to speak up about it. At least I didn’t.

Because of this, I would often find myself in situations where I felt…psychologically played. Like there was some game going on and often times, the other person/main player didn’t even realize what they were doing. This was evidenced when I would try to call them out on what I was sensing only to be met with blank stares or an explanation that felt strangely manipulating. They seemed logically reasonable, and logic is everything, right?

When you live in a world where reality is dependent on physicality and there’s no context or understanding for energy - yet you are deeply affected by the energy of people, places, and experiences - you start to give up on your own interpretation of life and doubt your understanding of what you’ve experienced. That was the impact it had on me.

The self-doubt and feeling of being stuck in my own life trickled out in many different ways as time went on. Pair that with some traumatic experiences, unhealthy relationship dynamics, and general growing pains and I felt lost for a good long while.

It took some time to (unexpectedly) discover that what I knew how to innately do was considered psychic. I thought psychics talked to dead people. I’m not really into that. I prefer people with bodies!

Once I had a context for understanding myself better, my whole world opened up. The more readings I did for people, the deeper, broader, and more nuanced my understanding was of others. Ultimately, my gift got much more finely tuned, which in turn transformed some of my core beliefs that defined me as a person.

What has changed exactly?

I trust myself. Deeply. Irrevocably. Uncompromising.

This means I listen to myself. I respect myself. I speak up for myself. I make it a practice to act in alignment with my truth, rerouting myself when I go off track due to a temporary blip of fear. And I commit to the life I want. This means I spend little to no time on talking myself into drama and worry. Instead I focus on investing my time and energy into what fuels my soul in the moment and the future.

I choose my people wisely.

This one took awhile. To be honest, it’s still a work in progress. I’ve found it’s sometimes easier to isolate myself (which works great for an introvert!) then to hang out with people who are sloppy with their energy. As my trust of myself grew, I became more discerning and clear when it came to who would be a good match - as friends, colleagues, and clients. Time and energy, for all of us, is at a premium. We’ve got this life with an unknown and assumed long time away expiration. I choose those who fill my cup, not empty it. All relationships should be mutually beneficial.

I am better able to see guidance and support everywhere.

Truth is, it was always there but I wasn’t tuned in to see it. Once I expanded my perspective, understood how energy worked, reframed who and what was in my life, and cleaned up the dirty/negative lens I was looking through, it was a WOW moment. Had that guidance and support been there all along?! Yep. When you feel supported, held, seen, and heard by all you’re surrounded by you can better give that to yourself, and vice versa. You even start to realize that the unpleasant “teachers” and traumas of your life lend themselves to better boundaries and increased confidence as you abide by your truth.

I have more fun!

Like, real fun. As in I don’t need alcohol to let my hair down or dance on a table. Everything has the potential to take on an energy of lightheartedness. Once you allow the energy of emotion and thought to move with more flow, it provides such a relief and release, so that fun becomes natural and inevitable. It brings you to the moment, where you see yourself, others, and the world as it is rather than your projection of what you want it to be. The liberation in that is fun, often funny, and definitely consciousness shifting. That’s what fun is all about, isn’t it? Shifting to a consciousness where you feel enlivened, free, engaged, connected, surprised, and joyous. Not a constant state, but the opportunity to tap into it is always there.

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If you can’t already tell, I’m grateful for these changes. I’m even grateful for the fires I had to walk through to get here. This is why i feel called to work with clients in this way, helping them to trust their own intuition and hone in on their spiritual truth, because I have and am walking this path myself.

Is it time to develop your spiritual path and align your life with your truth. Let’s start via the Spiritual Mentorship or with Alignment Coaching.

~ Vanessa