Meeting Yourself

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How are you right now?

Check in.

I want you to take the pulse - of your energy, your mood, your physical body, and where you’re investing your focus. All too often, we’re grabbed by mental hooks that keep us in a loop or emotional storms that don’t seem to pass. How can you call back your sense of power and presence in this moment?

What can you actually do to get unstuck?


At different ages. In different clothes. As alternate versions in parallel realities. They have a few things they want to say to you. Gather them near, pour some tea, and have a sit down. There’s nothing else for you to do here except listen. They will tell you what you need to know. You are learning to become a scribe and a channel for your own subconscious, in aid of the you that feels stuck or in a holding pattern. With all the you’s at the table, your liberation from the external or internal triggers takes precedence until your freedom is found.

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If you want out, you can get out.

Should I repeat that? Should they?

No? Ok, good. Let’s get started…

Step 1 - Make a list of who you’re calling to the table.

There’s no methodology you need to follow to do this the “right way.” How you do it is the right way.

Here are some questions to consider to get the process moving - What were some of the favorite ages you’ve been and why? What does the wise version of you in the future look like? If you were a cartoon character, what would you be like? If you were an art piece or a sculpture, what era would you represent? What museum or type of person’s home would you be in? What does your fancy self look like?

You get the gist.

All of these version of ourselves exist in our imaginations, psyche, and parallel realities. Ask for the ones who would be most helpful to you in this moment to show up and guide you.

Step 2 - Gather visual representations of these versions of yourself.

Google Image is your friend. So are photo albums. The act of searching for yourself outside of your own emotional entanglements and mental processes objectifies the experience of feeling stuck. In fact, you are starting to get lighter already just thinking about this activity. Bravo!

Step 3 - Go make tea.

No, really. Go make some tea. I’ll wait.

Welcome back. Bring your list from step 1 and your images from step 2 and sit down at your table. Or spread a blanket on the floor and hang out there. Your couch is good too.

Step 4 - Talk to your people.

I am here to give you full permission to talk to yourself. It is ok to be an adult and have “imaginary friends".” And, listen up, if you need to tell yourself that this is nothing more than visualization to help yourself feel more comfortable and open to this process, that’s OK too!

Visualization can be used in meditation, hypnotherapy, having a vision for your life, guided imagery. It’s good stuff and what healing is made of. Retrain your brain to become open, willing, and ready to play with this and you will be astounded at the deep insight and wisdom that comes forth.

Step 5 - Listen.

This works in “real life” too. What do they want you to know right now? In what ways are they proud of you? What do they perceive as your next steps? Who do they think you should reach out and connect with? You can close your eyes and imagine their words. You can leave your eyes open and write down what they say. You can speak their words through your mouth. Allow it to come forth. Allow yourself to soften.

That’s it! Congratulations! You have met yourself!

This guidance council of yours is with you always in all ways. When you nurture that relationship, not only do you experience healing, you also create a sense of wholeness within yourself. You know that feeling, right? Where you feel complete. It usually only lasts for a hot second or two, but with practice maybe you’ll work up to 5 minutes of inner peace. GOALS!

Want more guidance?

Look no further than the course Guidance Everywhere, and of course, working with me!

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