Technically, yes. But if the question is outside of my realm of expertise, then I may not be able to answer it!

Keep in mind that the main goal of a session is three-fold:

1) To help you gain clarity in any area you don’t currently have it, while also connecting you with your truth, purpose, and potential.

2) To illuminate how you got stuck in the first place so you can become more conscious of the underlying patterns that hold you back and how to shift them.

3) To learn specific to you steps to get unstuck and optimize your life.

Result? You enjoy your life more and you head in a direction that’s more fulfilling.

If you tailor your questions around this, you’re likely to have a powerful session. As you focus your energy through the questions you ask, you clear the path for me to be able to better “read” you and therefore, help you. It’s like a cheatsheet to your best life!

Please note: I do not look for lost items, work with dark energies, or predict the future. I read energy. Where it’s stuck, how to optimize it, and explore potentials. I teach you how to use your intuition to take right action at the right time with the right energy. Your job is to get out of your own way so you can create, align, and merge with your future. I do my part. You do yours. 😉

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