Carrie’s Story

Pediatric and Family Acupuncturist at Little Owl Medicine


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Just the right touch of humor, insight, and directness

My coaching sessions were truly amazing and exactly what I needed. They opened doors to things that I hadn’t even begun to plan for. Her intuition to my highest potential helped me gain clarity of what my goals are. I refer back to our sessions to help recenter myself. She has just the right touch of humor, insightfulness, and directness. Every session is both productive and a joy.

I’m so glad she started Beneficially Bossy!

As a member, I’ve had the chance to have my questions answered. They were so spot on! Sometimes I’d rather stay in my comfort zone. But at least when Vanessa tells you what she sees, she does it in a way that really shows you how it’s possible to change things so everything works better. Being in the group, you learn from what everyone asks. It makes you realize how everything, and everyone, is connected. Join!