A sampling of client love…

Vanessa has super powers…seriously! She was able to see a dream for my life that I held in my mind for years and hadn’t told anyone about.

/  Satisfied client Amanda R.M.  /


She’s my personal oracle and I don’t want to share! When I first came to Vanessa, I didn’t have a pressing issue or question. Yet, I walked away with a detailed vision of what she saw and a roadmap to get there. It caused a profound shift within me that I didn’t expect.

/  Satisfied client Merel v.  /


I’ve worked with Vanessa for over 5 years. Her intuitive, keen ability to pinpoint the area I struggled in was absolutely amazing.

/  Satisfied client amona A.  /


My session was everything I needed to hear! I have 6 pages of notes I reference when I need a refresher. I’ve lost weight and my body is so much stronger. My head is clear.

/  Satisfied client Julie B. /


Vanessa reminds me of how strong I am. Sometimes we all need a reminder of this truth.

/  Satisfied client Kendra L.  /


From Vanessa’s first worksop, I was hooked! Working with her is even better. I pushed through fears and hit my business goals with an increased level of confidence. She is who I go to when I need alignment.

/  Satisfied client shay K.B.  /


Vanessa’s answers and insights really hit home in a deep way. I walked away with helpful tips and tools, insights and a lot of introspection. Plus, she is funny!"

/  Satisfied client Shea H.  /


This is unusual as I don’t normally promote anyone’s business, but I feel compelled to for Vanessa. What she offers is quite incredible and more than a little magical.

/  Satisfied client Jessica V.  /


Vanessa’s has just the right touch of humor, insight, and directness. My sessions were exactly what I needed. She is so spot on!

/  Satisfied client Carrie c.  /


Vanessa peels away the layers! If you let her, she will help you open your mind and believe in your ability to live fully and happily.

/  Satisfied client Melissa H.  /


Now I realize the powerful potential of the words I use as part of everyday life, whether spoken or written. I’m seeing astounding results already after a few days. This gave me the clarity and focus I was looking for.

/  Satisfied client Rachel D.  /


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I love the clients I work with! They are all truly cool, creative, thoughtful, inspiring people who are transforming their lives, rising into the best version of themselves, & doing their part in positively changing the world.

Thanks everyone for trusting me to guide you!

/  Satisfied business owner -me!- Vanessa smith  /