Sunday, March 10th - De Roos - Amsterdam

Angels - Ancestors - Archetypes.png

An angel, ancestor, and archetype walked into a bar and…😁

Spirituality is often approached with such seriousness instead of curiosity. Yet, learning how to apply some levity to the larger context we exist within is one of the best ways to gain perspective, lighten up, feel supported, know what to do, hone in on your intuition, and enjoy the process just a little bit more!

Angels, Ancestors, and Archetypes are guiding us daily. Would you like to learn how?

Join in this workshop and discover:

  • How to spot an Angel. Know if you are an Earth Angel. When to call on the angelic realm for support, and how to do so.

  • What your ancestors want to say to you. Who of your ancestors is always with you and what role they play. What ancestral lineage you are tasked to carry on, and what it’s time to transform or let go.

  • The different archetypes in your life. What dominant archetypal energies make the essence of you. How you can work with archetypal energies on a constitutional and acute basis to create harmony in your life.

…and more!

When: Sunday, March 10th, 9:30-12:30

Where: De Roos, Amsterdam

Cost: €55 (inclusive of VAT)

You have more support than you realize.


⭐️ Limited Spots Available - If you feel called to come, grab yours now! ⭐️