Frequently Asked Questions

What happens in a session?

When we meet for a session, I am able to quickly assess what is up for you, what’s challenging you the most, what’s holding you back, and what’s next. You can come with questions or not. Even if you don’t have any specific ones, there’s usually a reason why clients seek me out. They are ready for something more, their next steps, want to know about their purpose, or are feeling stuck with something (money, work, relationships, health).

The way I access information aka what’s up for you is by reading the energy around you. This may sound strange and fantastical, but think of it this way - you know you have thoughts and feelings, right?

Because I am able to see energy as clearly as anything physical, it’s easy for me to access the answers as they are “hidden” in the space around you. Hidden to you, obvious to me, that is. This information is as specific and clear to me as say, the color of your eyes. To you, though, it’s unseen and intangible. So, I draw pictures. It’s my elementary way of translating the auditory and visual that I see. It’s also a way to draw out and illustrate, literally and metaphorically, the underlying dynamic of whatever has been holding you back. It tends to be the part of the session where clients exclaim “Oooooohhhh, that makes so much sense.”

Since I am also a coach, I don’t spend the whole time “reading” you. I make sure to take that information and translate it into strategy. These are practical next steps that are specific to you, focused on creating a bridge between where you are and want to be, transforming an underlying dynamic, and showing you how to let go of limits while building new habits.


how did you know you were psychic?

In 1996, I went to a psychic fair out of curiosity and skepticism. There were booths set up with mini readings available. I went to four of them all spread out far from each other. Each psychic told me pretty much the same information, including that I was psychic and I’d feel better if I used my gift. Though the proof was in my face - because how could they have said the same thing?! - I went on to ignore any gift they claimed I had. Two years later, I met my first psychic mentor, a professor at the university I attended. From that point, I opened up to the idea and began seeing clients.

Over the past 20 years, I’ve had 4 psychic mentors that I’ve learned a great deal from. About how to read people, the language, mechanics and psychology of energy, how to have boundaries so I’m not drained from this work or life in general, and all sorts of other interesting subjects. The big turning points and confidence building factors for me were in the work itself. Clients who were complete strangers, that I knew nothing about, I was able to read and understand on a deep level just what was going on with them. I’d watch how they’d go from stuck to relieved and crying to confident and clear. It’s cool!


How does being psychic work for you?

I see images or videos of information about my clients related to my area of specialty - where they are stuck and how to turn it around, what their purpose is and how to embody it, what their potential is and how to get there. I call them pictures because that’s how it shows up to me. I translate these pictures for them, giving them language and an understanding for the unconscious ways in which they hold themselves back. I am also able to hear (clairaudient) and feel (clairsentient) information in a session.


Are you always reading people? Can you read my mind?

Probably to some degree, I am always reading people. But I’m not going up to random strangers or next door neighbors and telling them information about themselves.


Can you see bad stuff? How do you deal with telling people what they might not want to hear?


what do you like being psychic? anything you don’t?