What's really going on with your business?

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Do clients seek you out?

Is your business thriving in the way you want?

Does your confidence and clarity shine through?

No? Then PPBB! 

You read that right. This is the alt approach you needed but didn't know was there.

Who consults a psychic for a business reboot? You do! And here's why:

Armed with the tools to see what's really holding you back, a Pragmatic Psychic Business Boost (PPBB) illuminates what's going on underneath the surface of your business potential.

Instead of continuing to be stuck, your blind spot will become your sweet spot, and you'll know the specific to you next steps to take for the results you want. From an energy read perspective, I’ll look at how you’re running your business on a daily basis, the long term vision, your strategy and systems, language, marketing, and more.


As an entrepreneur, I get it.

Ever have a goal and the outcome wasn't as great as you predicted? Or perhaps you got the results but didn't enjoy the process?

This is where PPBB comes in handy because it looks at why that is. 

I can easily see why you're stuck, what's out of alignment, where your strategies are falling short, how your language is not reaching the clients you want, and the specific shifts that need to happen in order for your business to take off in the way you want. 

The goals here are to:

⭐ Feel good while running your business

⭐ Understand what's been holding your business back and how to shift it

⭐ APPLY your new knowledge to shift your energy, language, and actions so you get aligned results