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Practical spirituality and the answers you seek, amongst friends!

Group readings. It’s a thing.

Imagine getting together with friends for an ask it all soul circle with a pragmatic psychic and alignment coach.

Healing, revealing, and good times.

What’s especially powerful about having a group reading is this:

The connection between friends extends further than the commonalities we share.

We are drawn to those with whom we share similar soul growth.

Your friends become invested in your spirit on a new level.

This accelerates change and enriches the experience.


  • Available online or in person in the Netherlands

  • Minimum 3 people maximum 6

  • €75/per hour per person

  • Up to 2 hours

For July only, save €20/per person per hour and reserve your spot for only €55/per person per hour

Click on the button below to grab your spot and have your friends do the same. Then, schedule for anytime in 2019!