Guidance Everywhere

Let 2019 be the year for you to amplify and accelerate intuition through the 4 key areas in which it strongly lives.

This expanded approach to developing your intuition creates magic in the mundane so you better notice the mini miracles you’re surrounded by.

In all of the noise - online, offline, and in your own mind - intuition is essential for clarity and confidence, discernment and a dynamic experience of life.

In this program you get daily prompts, energy activations, weekly Q & A, and a follow up 1 on 1 session with me to help you further integrate your learning.


Nature amplifies your intuition

It connects you to your natural rhythm.

It shows you what to pay attention to.

It speaks to you intuitively.

In Week 1, you’ll see how.


Dreams give your intuition a voice

They create a fantastical reality full of messages.

They help you beyond what you think is possible.

They demonstrate what your intuition is telling you.

In Week 2, you’ll learn how to mine this gold.


Your spirit guides are at the ready

This team of wise council is always with you.

Each one unique. Each with a message. Each guiding.

They can be funny, directive, clear, and very supportive.

In Week 3, meet them and discover their specific roles.

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…and let’s not forget about your body!

It is typically believed that intuition is in your gut.

The truth is, it’s in every system and cell of your body.

Our bodies are highly tuned in and constantly giving intuitive feedback.

Now, you’ll learn how to listen, trust, and follow the guidance you’re receiving.

In Week 4, we’ll go over unique ways in which to use your body to intuitively assess what’s in front of you.

This program is flexible! You can participate as little or as much as you wish. You’ll have access to everything so you won’t miss any of the important pieces we cover.

With every level of engagement, you’ll grow stronger, clearer, and without a doubt, more intuitive than you realized possible.

I know firsthand the power of intuition - what happens when you follow it as well as when you don’t.

I want you to experience what it’s like to not only listen, but to truly trust and tap in.

Discernment is everything. As is clarity. And always, with me, a dose of fun!