Guru’s Story

Vegetarian Chef. Photographer. Veggies And spice.



I like Vanessa’s lightness!

After our first meeting at a women's networking meetup I was like a moth to a flame. Her natural charm, realness and absolute 100% love for the work she does makes her workshops a real joy to be part of. I’m no stranger to the topics she covers but the way she delivers them piqued my curiosity for more. I’ve attended multiple workshops and find the energy tools especially helpful.

I also sought out Vanessa for a few sessions when I was changing the model for how my food business is set up. Because she is able to psychically and energetically read what the most fruitful path is for me to pursue, it made it simple for me to know how to implement changes. I’ve referred friends to her who have also gotten great results. She’s lovely to work with - clear and tuned in!