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I’m able to see and hear information about what’s going on underneath the surface for you. Things that you can’t seem to get at, that you want to understand more and get clarity on, so you can ultimately feel in alignment with the truth of who you are and what you want.

My specialty is in reading the energy of:

  • Why you feel stuck & what’s actually holding you back

  • The specific to you steps to turn it around

  • What your purpose is about and what your potential looks like

I’ve always been a good read of people. For the last 20 years, I’ve worked with clients, fine tuning and honing in on very specific details to help them change their lives. Here’s the story of how I discovered I was psychic.

It’s all about energy

Being psychic is about perceiving, reading, and understanding energy.

It makes the intangible, tangible. Think about it.

We all generally have a “sense” of people. We are drawn to some and repelled from others. We walk into a room and can get a feel for the energy there.

What appears to be invisible is truly rich with information. This information lives in the space, or energy, around you. It’s been scientifically documented that the human energy field extends approximately 5-7 feet from your physical body. In this field, I see images - both static and “video” - that contain the following details:

  • Past experiences

  • Future expectations

  • Assumptions and limiting beliefs

  • Relationship dynamics with yourself, others, and the environment

  • Information related to your “timeline,” as in what you set up for yourself to experience (which you may choose to follow through with or not)

These images - or what I call pictures - change all the time depending on what’s being triggered internally (say you have a thought that sets off a chain reaction of thoughts) or externally (for example a loud noise happens unexpectedly and brings up a memory).

The pictures also change when you ask me a question. By doing so, you focus your energy in such a way that allows me to see the answer. So, the cliche statement of we all have the answers within is actually true. I just happen to know how to “read” them and get to reflect them back to you.

The goal of a session is to help liberate you from where you feel stuck so you can instead feel clear, aligned with your truth, and grow more fully into your potential. Essentially, I translate your best life to you and show you how to get there.

How cool is that?!

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