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Know what 2019 has in store for you

You’ve got a planner for next year. A vision board. Perhaps you’ve laid out your list of goals and the strategies to achieve them. What’s missing? Your very own psychic to help you lead the way, of course!

In this special new years edition session, I’ll psychically read not only what’s in store for you in 2019, we will look at your plans, priorities, and strategies to see their potential and if they give you the best return for your investment of time, action, money, and energy.

Do note: I do not predict the future. You create it. I read what’s on your life timeline - key people, events, and opportunities that you “scheduled” to show up. I reflect this information back to you so you can better align with your truth and create the life you’re longing for. One that really lights you up.

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Let intuition be your light for 2019

The best plans can fall short if you forget to apply the master key of intuition to activating the opportunities and outcomes you seek. Already intuitive? Fantastic! Get ready to accelerate far beyond what you thought possible.

In this special new years edition session, you’ll learn how to best access, develop, and trust your intuition. Get a new, nuanced understanding of what intuition really is, how to expand beyond the typical ways you use it, and know how to better apply it when you feel stuck.

Do note: Even if you consider yourself an advanced intuitive, I’m able to see what your blind spots are, as well as the underlying dynamics that hold you back. Think of this session as a sit down roundtable with one of your spirit guides, dedicated to helping you step into your gift more fully.


Powerfully step into what’s next

Imagine what it would be like to start off 2019 with a firm clear, and feel good knowing of what your purpose, potential, and calling looks like. Lucky for you, as a psychic, I can see that!

In this special new years edition session, I get the honor of sharing what your purpose, potential, and calling looks like for the upcoming year. It’s like a confirmation, activation, and celebration all at once! Get specific to you steps to know how to best align with it and take action on it.

Do note: You may already have a sense of what your purpose is. That’s great! This session then serves as a catapult and catalyst for more strategically and spiritually embodying it. The magic trifecta is being able to link up your purpose, potential, and calling. You’ll see how to do so.