Jennifer’s Story

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Vanessa helped me wake up to my soul’s purpose

I was immediately drawn to Vanessa and knew we were supposed to work together. She showed up at a very pivotal time in my life when I had to make a change. I had recovered from a burnout, started my business, yet still felt stuck and not aligned with my potential. Luckily, Vanessa is able to see the details around what was holding me back and what my purpose is really all about. This was so validating.

The work we did together was much more than I expected. It felt like my soul… the history of my soul and my agreements for this lifetime had been long suppressed and forgotten. But with Vanessa’s help, I woke up. And things just unfolded so quickly.

I also feel like there are aspects of my business that I am still catching up on as it relates to the visions Vanessa had for me. I was playing so small, and now I’m not! It feels so much better to be connected with what I’m here to do and step into a bigger game for my life.