Julie’s Story

Mom of 4. Crafty Goddess. CrossFit Queen. Foodie. With a dash of Woo.


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My session was everything I needed to hear!

I knew I was feeling stuck but had no clue what to do next. In working with Vanessa, it was like all of a sudden I realized every feeling I had was valid. That there was a reason why certain things popped up in my life constantly. I had no clue I was supposed to pay attention to that stuff!

I thought I was living in a way where I was open and willing to do what it takes to change things. But I didn't realize what being open really meant. Life on the flip side is WAY cooler. I highly suggest Vanessa's expertise. I also never thought I'd work with a psychic. Vanessa definitely helped me wake up to my purpose! She showed me that I've been using my intuition my entire life. I felt different because I was different but in a huge great way.

My life has changed in the best ways!

Insight is great, but I need actual results. I can’t even tell you just how stuck I felt, unable to plan for the future for myself and my family. Talking to Vanessa really lit a fire under my booty.

She was able to psychically read exactly what needed to happen to get my life moving. First, Vanessa saw me doing CrossFit. That was crazy because a friend of mine had been trying to get me to join CrossFit for at least a month. I hadn’t told Vanessa that, she just picked up on it. So I joined and it was the best decision ever! I feel so much more like myself, like I was supposed to be working out in this way. It’s made a huge difference and creating community for me, which was another area I felt stuck in.

For the longest time, I felt like we weren’t living in the right place. I couldn’t figure out if it was the house or the location or what. Vanessa saw a move to Colorado (we lived in Oregon). That was another OMG moment, as my husband’s mom owns a house in Colorado and had just offered for us to live there. In 6 months, we made it to Colorado, getting rid of so much stuff. This would have been so hard for me to do before, but working with Vanessa changed me on the inside so things seem to just flow better. Everything went smoothly with our move, which if you have 4 kids or any kids you know that’s a miracle! My husband was easily able to continue his job (like Vanessa said). I’m still amazed at how it rolled out.

The thing is, this isn’t about her predicting things. What she did was read my truth. I understand this now after working with her, that the answers to our life problems are right in front of us. I just couldn’t get at them before because I had all these layers and I didn’t know how energy worked. So, not only has my life changed on the outside, my perspective is now different, and that changes everything!

Vanessa tells you what you need to hear, and I’m so grateful I made the leap to work with her. She is the real deal. If you feel called to work with her, DO!

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