Julie’s Story

Mom of 4 kids under 10 years old. Preschool teacher. Now CrossFitter.


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Let’s be honest here

I dragged my feet to book a session with Vanessa. I wanted to but was trying to convince myself of the value of speaking to a Life Coach and Psychic. I know Vanessa as a friend and didn’t doubt her abilities, but I was scared. What if she told me something I didn’t want to hear?

I felt so stuck! I wasn’t able to plan for the future for myself or my family.

My session was everything I needed to hear! I have 6 pages of notes I go back and reference when I need a refresher. What stuck out most to me was her “read” that I should join a CrossFit gym and get my body moving. Interestingly, a friend had been inviting me to a CrossFit gym recently. I hadn’t told Vanessa that so it was cool she picked up on it. I knew I needed to go.

Talking to Vanessa really lit a fire under my booty. A few months later and I couldn’t imagine my life without CrossFit or my new mom friends. I’ve lost weight and my body is much stronger. My head is clear!

The truth is

I’m not free of struggles. But taking care of myself is helping me cope with life. I’m important again. My needs are being met. This is just the beginning.

Vanessa tells you what you need to hear. I needed to hear that my mental and physical health was a priority. Now I can think ahead and see more clearly what I need to do to reach my goals.

I’m also a member of Beneficially Bossy. It has helped so much! I now understand what shapes how I respond to life. The readings for other people help me as well. It is the first thing I check on Facebook in the morning. She is so spot on! It’s just a happy place to be. Definitely join!

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