Kait’s Story

Coach. farm girl. In grad school to become a therapist,

specializing in trauma & equine therapy.



I would have to learn an entirely new language to describe how profound my work with you has been!

My dear friend Andrea gifted me a session with Vanessa. She knew I had been feeling stuck, needed some clarity, and had such great results from her own work with Vanessa. I wasn’t prepared for just how much it would change me. I knew I was seeking clarity and grounding, but didn’t know where I’d find it. A few hours after our first session, I signed up for the Spiritual Mentorship! Vanessa has been a beacon of light.

I am growing by leaps and bounds. It has changed how I look at my relationships and my life as a whole. I now have a much better understanding of who I am, how I’ve been holding myself back, and how I can really thrive. I’m now setting boundaries where I need to and feeling freer to be me.

I am looking forward to continuing with whatever is next for us. Thank you Vanessa!