Katie’s Story

Licensed Professional Counselor. Chief Household officer.

Positive Connections



You cannot leave a session with her unchanged!

Vanessa is amazing to work with. It is such a gift she has, which can help us all be greater versions of ourselves. Her ability to see you, truly see you, makes sessions with her challenging and healing all at the same time. You can't really hide from someone who can see the truest version of yourself, can you?

I lost my mom in October 2018 suddenly. My world changed, and I lost my focus...my compass. One night on Facebook a beautiful face appeared in my feed. Vanessa, who I had been connected to through Facebook groups, was sharing in a video about what she does and a special offer she had that week to work with her and set 2019 off right for your business and for yourself. Something in me said "This! This is what you need!" So I booked the package and never looked back. She was the first purchase I ever made to improve my business.

Vanessa hit the heart of what was going on with me

With Vanessa, I have worked through money blocks, my desire to have things be perfect before releasing, renewed my faith in the process of running a business, solidified my belief in myself and confirmed for me the voice that was already saying inside of me "You know what you are doing." She challenges me to be the version of myself that I know I can be.

She affirmed for me the work I had been doing was in the right direction and encouraged me that my intuition was guiding me but could be fine tuned. She saw the fears, mental blocks, and limitations holding me back from seeing what was next.

The most beautiful part of it all is that she reminded me exactly what I teach others every day... You are allowed to be a work in progress!

Her videos are helping so many of us find our greater voice and share with our community more about ourselves and what we are supposed to teach. Thank you for your encouragement for us to come out of the shadows and embrace our true selves!

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