Kendra’s Story




She reminds me of how strong i am

Vanessa’s ability to provide me a clear picture of who I am and the future that I desire lifts me up. In rough patches, her intuition and perspective helped me to remember the core of who I am. She also reminds me of how strong I am. Sometimes we all need that reminder of truth shown to us!

Not only do I appreciate her clarity, but she expresses it in a creative way with a sense of humor. She knows when to be light about things and when to be more serious.

When I need help getting unstuck, Vanessa is my go to.

I am a member of Beneficially Bossy. And though I don’t actively participate, I can see how much of a difference it’s making for those who do. Vanessa really lights up when she’s on video. She’s got a natural flair for it. It’s fun to see!

Having known Vanessa for years, I’m glad to see her reach growing, as she can help so many with her gifts.