Manuela’s Story

Coach. Artist. Gluten-Free Baker. tour guide.



I am more clear on the options available!

When I met with Vanessa, I was feeling unsure about which direction to take my career. There are many paths I’m passionate about and feel skilled in. I wasn’t sure how to narrow it down.

What Vanessa was able to do was lay out the clear options she could energetically read around which paths would be the most fruitful financially and fulfilling, down to which magazine to write and advertise in. Very specific!

After watching someone on social media, you never know if they’ll be the same when meeting with them one on one. For Vanessa, I can truly say, she is the real deal. What you see is what you get and her bright light shines through.

Thank you very much for the very inspiring and motivating session we had together! You are amazing!