Merel’s Story

Entrepreneur. Marketing and PR specialist.


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From the first session, I felt such a profound shift in me.

I think of myself in general as a very grounded and level person so I was surprised at the impact the session had on me. It was something I didn’t expect and had rarely experienced. I booked it with no pressing matter or urgent question, yet it gave me such clarity of focus. I don’t question my assumptions anymore. It cleared a lot of space on my hard drive as it were. Now, I know not to focus energy on things that are not my strong suit. I have a lot more space and peace of mind.

Beforehand, I wasn’t really sure if I bought into the idea of someone being psychic. Whenever I encountered others that said they were, I felt I was being conned or merely entertained by a fancy fair-attraction, triggering all kids of BS radars. With Vanessa, it’s different. This is the first time it makes sense and feels true.

She really is like my personal oracle, and I don’t want to share!

What working with Vanessa does is cut through the noise, internal jabber, & doubts.

She gave me a detailed vision and the roadmap to get there. Since it is a vision that appeals to me, I know I can get there if I put one foot in front of the other.

Instead of having to think my way through all the decisions someone just tells you what to do and where to go, but it’s personal and in line with the direction you actually want to go.

Whereas being coached is actually quite hard work, this is almost lazy. Like someone bringing all the knowledge about yourself on a silver platter. She really is able to read what’s true for you.

Being on the other side of a reading with Vanessa is thrilling and touching at the same time. There is someone that actually sees more of you than you yourself can see, without judgement and with compassion and empathy. I’ve told all my friends about her! I’ve been like an evangelist about the whole thing!!