Michelle’s Story

Writer. Photographer. The Grateful writer



I am finally embracing my soul’s purpose and potential!

Vanessa has helped me so much, I’m not sure where to begin. All my life I’ve known I’m a writer, but for some reason wouldn’t let myself follow that path. Because of working with Vanessa, there are so many aspects of my life I’m now stepping into that I’ve always longed to follow. I’m so relieved that I can finally move forward and live authentically. What a fantastic ride. So much has changed.

I’m trusting and following my intuition in a few ways, including walking barefoot for optimal mental health and moving to a new state. I’m writing online and getting paid for it! I speak up instead of holding back. I allow new relationships to unfold with a foundation of honesty and trust. In some ways, I feel like a new person. But I’m emerging into the best version of myself. Her energy tools and courses have been incredibly helpful and transformative.

Vanessa’s energy from the get-go was to remind me of connection and service. I’ve listened to her guidance as she’s given me golden nuggets over the years. I’m so inspired by the content she puts out there and share it with everyone I know!