Funny name for an offering, right? Sometimes it’s good to get straight to the point. 😉


  • Like money and want to experience having more of it

  • Are caught in a loop of not sure how to get more & want out of said loop

  • Know there’s more available for you than you realize & want to activate that

  • Want to link receiving money with a deep sense of trust and purposeful action

Great. I can help you with that.

Meet my client Robin. Learn more about her  incredible work here . Highly recommended!

Meet my client Robin. Learn more about her incredible work here. Highly recommended!

First, hear from one of my clients:

“WOW! In the past 6 days of working with Vanessa on my money blocks, I have booked 3 new healing clients, had 4 returning clients rebook themselves, earned €500 in sales from my leather bag company, had a yoga studio owner ask me to come work for them, had the bank offer me a loan with an interest rate of 6.6% instead of the 11% interest which I had been paying: and I found €3 on the street. (I mention that, because the money is coming in from EVERYWHERE). Goodness, I just received a handmade designer ring, to add to my list....
I have been working on unblocking my money stuff for years, doing almost daily healings on abundance issues, going to multiple wealth consciousness classes, and listening obsessively to podcasts and audiobooks about abundance. However, Vanessa was able to pinpoint the specific block that apparently has been most affecting the energy of money to come to me. Then, Vanessa outlined the next specific and clear steps to follow which I took action on immediately, which has started shifting my money situation dramatically. This package is SO for you, if you are someone who is ready to take the next steps (or leaps) to up level your money conversation!”


Now, it’s your turn, and it’s simpler than you think…

Here’s what you get:

Session 1 - I energetically assess & psychically read your money map which is imprinted in your energy field and has the layout of the multiple money streams trying to get to you.

Session 2 - I energetically assess & psychically read the real blocks holding you back from having more money in your life.

Session 3 - I energetically assess & psychically read the specific to you next steps and best strategies to activate those money streams and transform those blocks.

Each session is 33 minutes. You get the recording. It’s just the beginning of your gold.

Even better, when you add Alignment Coaching onto this money package - where we work together more extensively on this and so much more - you’ll get a massive special price. Seriously, take advantage of this if you’re ready to up your money game now.