Becoming a Coach

In 2003, I was roaming around my soon to be graduate school, getting used to the feel of where I would spend the next few years immersed in studies. A flyer caught my eye. It was about a coaching certification program starting at the same time I planned to enter school. Before I could talk myself out of it, I grabbed a seat and filled out the application for the program. Little did I know, it would become one of the most rewarding career paths for the next 15 years. I love coaching. LOVE IT. 


The heart of coaching 

The mark of a good coach lies in their ability to ask powerful questions. Inquiry is at the heart of coaching. Reflective questions open up a whole new world. They help us think about ourselves, each other, and life in general, in a new way. The question itself is as important as the answer.

Watch this...

What would a fulfilling day look like for you? Where at the end of it, your heart feels at peace and calm reigns in your body?

Just thinking about it, even if it isn't your current reality, gets you to reflect on how you're shaping your life and what you could do to shift it. 

Ask for what you want 

We spend so much time, often habitually, thinking and talking about what's not working. How would life be different if you focused on what is working, and what you do want to experience?

Consider how you invest your time and energy. Examine where your thoughts lead you. It's too easy to forget that this is your life and there is a timeline to it. Why not do what you can do to shape it in the direction that lights you up?

When's the last time you asked for what you wanted? I'm not talking about shoes or candy, though that's fun too. Think about stepping up in your work. Closeness in your relationship. Asking yourself how you can increase your health and vitality. Pose the question and let the answers make their way to you. 



We all have a story

Who we think we are. Where we came from. What shapes us. What we've lived through. Who we are connected to. What's in our hearts. How we like to contribute. What legacy we want to leave. What's on that bucket list. 

We are creative artists, constantly painting the story of our lives with our words. These words shape your perspective, either becoming your path to freedom or keeping you stuck in a mental matrix of sorts where your life feels more like groundhogs day. 

Let your story liberate you. Coaching can show you how. Ready to rewrite your life?