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Working with Vanessa has been truly a unique experience

Her amazing coaching skills give you a lot of space as a client to really get grounded and connected with what’s important while her psychic abilities seem to come out of some place of deep & intuitive knowing that is profoundly connected to your own core being.

Everything that she has offered to me in our session has resonated with me in a very direct and unmistakable way.

Her words have given me a confirmation that I needed to pursue my dream in a much more focused and determined way. I highly recommend working with Vanessa, not just for the valuable insights she will undoubtedly give you but also for her loving, playful and enveloping energy.

I am now a member of Beneficially Bossy too! From the first day of being in there, I found value. I felt like I dropped in at the right moment. The first video I watched really resonated with me and I had fun commenting. Do check it out and join if you feel called to. There’s benefit to be had there!