Special Pre-Launch Offer

I'm putting out THREE new courses in addition to Guidance Everywhere.

If you buy one or more before they officially launch, you get the special price of €97 each including BTW.

*This pre launch special is only available through May 21st.*

Courses include:

The Alchemy of Language 
You'd be amazed at how what we say and think holds us back. What it does to our energy! Our bodies! Our relationships! This course goes way beyond positive affirmations, with in depth tips and tricks to let the magic of words support and create the life you want. From aha moments to abracadabra realizations, it’s all in this course.

Angels, Ancestors, & Archetypes
You have so much more support than you realize! Spirituality is often approached with such seriousness instead of curiosity. Yet, learning how to apply some levity to the larger context we exist within is one of the best ways to gain perspective, lighten up, feel supported, know what to do, hone in on your intuition, and enjoy the process just a little bit more! Know who is in your support team and how they help you.

Get Clear & Trust Those Vibes - Energy and Intuition Life Hacks
It's hard to choose a favorite course because I love them all, but this one might be it for me. With over 20 specific energy tools to help you stop feeling drained by other people, a breakdown of the basics of intuition, and how trust is at the core of any area you feel stuck in life. So good. SO GOOD. 

*After May 21st, the price increase and will not be inclusive of BTW. If you want them, go for it now!

For those who attended the in person workshops, you saw a sliver of what's in the programs. The courses have much more fun, interesting, fantastical, and supportive content in them. You have lifetime access to them too.

All courses are online, self-paced, and non-sequential. This means you can start wherever you feel called to, in the way it works for you. The content is a mix of audio, video, and text designed to accelerate your learning and activate your potential. I added good vibes to each course so if you feel elevated after being in there, that’s why. 😉


sneak peek.jpeg

Curious about what’s in the courses?

Here’s a sneak peek of just a few of the topics we’ll be covering…

The Alchemy of Language course:

  • Being in right relationship with language

  • What affirmations really are

  • The message behind your words

  • How words land in your body

  • Imprints of your ancestors  

  • What influences your language

  • The real role of gratitude

  • The energy signature of words

  • Specific transformational language hacks to help life work better

Angels, Ancestors, & Archetypes course:

  • How to spot an Angel

  • How to know if you're an Earth Angel

  • What Angels are here to do for you

  • What ancestors are with you and how they help

  • The legacy, imprints, and role you have ancestrally

  • How archetypes show up in your life and why

  • Determining the archetypes in your energy signature

Energy & Intuition Life Hacks course:

  • Discovering your energy signature

  • How energy can drain you and what you can do about it 

  • Determining your type of energy sensitivity

  • What happens when you're around family

  • How trust is the key to transforming your life

  • How to deal with energy draining people

  • Why we don't trust intuition and how to turn that around

  • How to "read" of people, places, and opportunities

  • How intuition works in general and for you

  • All the ways to access intuition 

  • Knowing the difference between intuition and fear

  • Over 20 specific energy tools to reclaim your energy, create healthy boundaries, and increase confidence