Roos’s Story

Paintings Conservateur in Historic Interiors



Vanessa’s ability to really see you astounds me!

When I first met Vanessa, I wasn’t sure what to expect. She had come highly recommended by my dear friend Merel so I knew something good would happen. What I didn’t realize was how profoundly it would change me and my view about my relationships and my position in the world. Especially my understanding of my family dynamics has given me much clarity.

What working with Vanessa has given me is a greater understanding of myself in relation to others. Untangling complex conversations and situations with her helped me a lot in becoming less involved in the drama. Now that I see what is going on, what those dynamics are about, I feel more free to choose a different response. This has given me more strength and internal peace of mind. Not only does Vanessa change your perspective, she highlights what you can do to change your behavior. This together with enough willingness to invest and be open for change will change your life!