The goal of a session is for you to walk away feeling more clear, assured, and knowing what your next steps are.

You can expect a down to earth, relatable, light hearted, direct, and empathetic approach to where you feel stuck. It can be all too easy to feel weighed down when you’re unclear about something. You lose perspective. My job is to bring it back.

No matter what your questions are, my aim is to answer them and go beyond, illuminating the underlying dynamics of what’s really behind that stuck feeling. As my specialty is in “reading energy,” you’ll learn how to align yours so you can better achieve the results you want while enjoying the process more.

Also note - I’m a word geek. I’ll show you how the words you are liberating or limiting you. I see what’s unspoken and give you new language to better speak your truth. You’d be amazed at just how much communication or the lack of it creates life imbalances. I draw pictures too. They usually involve stick figures which illustrate what I “see” when I read your energy. It makes the intangible more visible and relatable. A client favorite!

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