Gather round the inner fire.

This is an invitation to join the Soul Circle, a group guidance program where we cover the following topics:

  • Your Spiritual Manifesto, Roots, & Purpose

  • What Angels, Archetypes, Animals, & Ancestors are with you

  • Meeting Your Spirit Guides & Understanding Why They Are With You

  • How to Alchemize Your Language & Flip the Script so the Law of Attraction works for you

  • Hop Timelines and Write a New Story in the key areas you feel held back

  • Learn about the Impact of Energy, with tools for clearing out the energy junk and static you pick up from others.

  • See how easy it is to optimize your energy systems so you no longer feel drained.

…and much more! It’s like the Spiritual Mentorship but in a group format.

soul circle.jpeg


The details:

  • 1.5 empowered hours together every week for 4 weeks

  • Limited to 6 women for fruitful interaction and nourishing engagement

  • Total investment is €199