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Deepen your spiritual roots activate your potential

This Spiritual Mentorship program is a special kind of guided support relationship where we work together to enhance your life from a much broader perspective. It infuses and enlivens your day to day with a new kind of energy and a foundation of trust.

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we cover 6 key areas:

  • Your Spiritual Manifesto

  • Language Alchemy

  • Energy Tools for Life

  • Soul Tribe Mapping

  • Your Vision Book

  • Integration: Your Focus

  • Your Spiritual Manifesto - Define your three-fold purpose (daily, meta, and ancestral). Develop and strengthen your spiritual roots. Discover why you’re on the planet at this time, what archetypes are within you, what angels are protecting you, and what your guides want to say to you. See how trust is at the core of the life you want.

  • Language Alchemy - Learn how the language you use is limiting or liberating you. Take a journey far beyond fake positive affirmations into a true shift of words that that rise from your spirit, not your ego. Hop timelines and find the soundtrack of your soul. 

  • Energy Tools for Life - Know what your energy systems are. Learn how to support them in functioning properly by creating a specific to you energy clearing and maintenance routine. Develop a holistic medicine cabinet suited for your disposition and constitution. Learn how to clear other people’s energy and negativity out of your space. 

  • Soul Tribe Mapping - Know the underlying dynamics with the key soul players in your life, including what role they serve and how to best nurture the relationship. Learn how to connect with more of the people that “get you.”

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Your Vision Book

By the end of the program, you will have in your hot little hands, a Vision Book. Your Vision Book is a creative guide for your path ahead. Like your heart, head, and spirit had a dance party in the pages of your life. This tangible keepsake is a treasure, reminding you to turn your crap to compost to gold.

Program details:

✔️ You get a Spiritual Mentorship virtual guide. This shared document goes into more depth with the topics. You get ongoing feedback from me in it, to help you fine tune and integrate spirituality into your life.

✔️ This is a 6 week program. We meet once a week for 90 minutes. You have email access to me between sessions.

✔️ Every week, you get a guided message added to your virtual workbook. I will tune in to your guidance support team and spiritual council with the focus of what you need to know right now to help align your energy so your life flows with more ease.

✔️ Space is limited for this program. If you feel called to do it, heed it, as it’s your spirit talking to you, telling you it’s time for a shift.

✔️ You also get one of your choosing of my online courses for FREE. Each of the courses is specifically built to enhance our work together. 🥳

IMPORTANT - The last session is an integration session. You pick the focus. It could be right livelihood, health and vitality, money flow, love activation. We take the topic you choose, while I (psychically) read your next best steps. This helps you to integrate the learning so you can then leap into the potential you activated in this program! So good!


Imagine for a moment…

…feeling connected with your purpose in such a way that you felt an unshakeable strength and resiliency when it comes to being yourself, expressing your gifts, and doing what you feel called to do?

How often do you get caught in the push-pull of your own mind? Obsess over a burgeoning to do list? Replay a draining scenario, trying to figure out how you can be more empowered in it?

There is more to life here.

And there is more for you in this life.


It is a deeply important time to be clear and ready to take good care of what's needed in the world today.

Systems are changing; breaking down and being rebuilt. Innovation is happening. Regeneration is taking place.

You have a role in this, otherwise you wouldn't be drawn to this page.

Yes, it's important to get unstuck.

Yes, it's important to optimize your life.

Yes, it's important to lean in & live into your potential.

Check this though...

⭐️ A legacy and contribution to the planet wants to be lived through you.

⭐️ Whether you're ready to heed the call or not, I ask that you not ignore it.

⭐️ This is about who you are and what you do in the world when you feel better, are aligned, and act intuitively.