Hi, I’mVanessa


Many titles fit who I am and what I do:

Psychic. Coach. Guide. Writer. Speaker. Healer. Earth guardian. Teacher. Spiritual scribe.

My role is as a messenger. Whether through the written word, video, on a stage, in a group, 1 on 1. I’m here to communicate, with intention and purpose.

My main message? You are here for a reason. Honor that.

I tend to work with the secretly woo, spiritually focused, and creatively driven clients, regardless of their profession. I adore the variety of who comes to me.

In our good work together, my role is to shine a light on what’s possible for you should you choose to ignite that purpose and activate your potential.

If you’re hearing the inner call for change, I hope you heed it. As you say yes to what that is, the impact extends further out than you realize!

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This is what I believe:

✔️ Anyone can change if they choose to.

✔️ Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and can heal if given the right support.

✔️ We are all being called to live intuitively. In order to do so we must learn how to better read energy. I’m here to facilitate that cultural conversation.

✔️ Nature is to be respected, revered, and relished, including the nature within ourselves.

✔️ Being alive is a gift and opportunity. If you are on my site, it’s for a reason and time for you to live that.

✔️ You have so much more support than you realize, earthside and otherwise. Learning to tap your spiritual team will be a saving grace in years to come.

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