Many titles fit who I am and what I do:

Writer. Educator. Guide. Coach. Speaker. Psychic. Energy Healer. Health Advocate. Accidental comedian. Intuitive Foodie.

My role, really, is as messenger. I love to communicate via the written word, through video, on a stage, in a group, and 1 on 1.

My passion is to inspire, elevate, and shine a light on what’s possible. I tend to work with the secretly woo, spiritually curious, and creatively driven clients, regardless of their profession. I adore the variety of who comes to me.


This is what I believe:

Anyone can change if they choose to.

Our bodies are incredibly intelligent and can heal if given the right support.

We are all being called to live intuitively and to learn how to assess life from a more whole picture perspective.

Perspective, empathy, self-care, and clear boundaries are vital for a healthy life.

Nature is to be respected, revered, and relished, including the nature within ourselves.