Taking the vision board to the next level!

Never under estimate the power of words and images to shape and create your future. The Vision Book Session elevates the concept of the vision board, expands upon it, and returns to you a book you can hold in your hot little hands.

What’s in your vision book?

  • Vision board

  • Trust manifesto

  • Spiritual council of support

  • What you’re affirming in key life areas

  • Your calling, purpose, and legacy work

  • The theme of this year and each month within it

…and so much more!

Your vision book serves as an anchor for not only what you want out of life, but what you want to give back to life. Our journey here is as much about legacy as it is about following dreams. This session focuses in on both your spiritual truth and earthly desires.

As a psychic, coach, and guide, I am able to help reveal this truth to you in a way that hits home. When you begin to see yourself as I see you, everything changes, and alignment starts to happen in new and exciting ways.