What’s up with the energy?


Talking about energy is one of my favorite things to do.

It’s a cultural conversation that needs to happen. We are constantly interacting with energy but don’t realize the degree to which it affects us nor are we aware of how sloppy we can be with our energy.

Those of us who are sensitive to energy know this all too well.

It’s time for that to change.

And this is how that’s happening…

Introducing the BRAND NEW subscription service aptly titled What’s Up With The Energy?

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We, as a species, are becoming more in tune with our own energy as well as the energy of all we interact with.

Part of my role here is to help shine a light on what appears to be invisible but is surely felt and absolutely registered on an intuitive level. As you begin to understand this new language of energy, you’ll find yourself more at peace, trusting, clear, grounded, discerning, and confident in the authority you have over creating your life.

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This is how you feel after you learn what’s up with the energy.

This is how you feel after you learn what’s up with the energy.