I see your potential


literally... when I look at you, I see the best version of what's possible 

As if the end result of what you want and who you are has been realized.

That stuff underneath the surface that holds you back? Where you feel stuck?

I've got the cheat sheet way to work around it. 

How? I'm not only a coach, but a psychic.

A very down to earth, pragmatic one focused on your potential,

along with the best next steps for you to get from here to there. 

Can you imagine, looking at your life, and thinking

"YES. Exactly this. This fits me."

you are Ready

You've thought about what's possible for you for long enough. 

You've accomplished much, and are skilled at what you do.

But you've hit your own self-imposed glass ceiling. 

You know your potential has yet to be realized.

You know it's time for fear to go.

 You're ready to do something about it. 

And you want a guide to show you how. 

You need strategy and serendipity. I offer both. 


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Hi, I'm Vanessa.

A coach by training and love that aspect of what I do. The real gold though, lies in my specialty of intuition. What if you knew you were partnering with someone who could literally see your potential and the steps of how to get you there? Like a cheatsheet for your best life!

Pragmatic magic is what I like to call it. It works

And, I get it

Wanting to make a difference in the world. 

Wanting alignment between who you are now and who you could be.

Yet feeling unclear on the best next steps for both.

Good news is, you're sitting on a pot of gold. I don't know who's luckier - me getting to reveal you to you, or you getting to see and own your brand of fierce.

That's what you get here. Raw, real, down to earth, and strategy to step into the best of what's next. Don't waste any more time, energy, or opportunities. See yourself, so you can be yourself. You'll be amazed at what opens up for you. 

Get started now. 

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Can a simple decision change your life?

The answer is yes.

You know, without a doubt, when it's time for a change. It doesn't matter what area of your life is calling out for attention, you can hear the knock loud and clear. What stops you from listening or following through? What if the decision to change and the act of doing so is simpler than you think?

Instead of staying comfortably uncomfortable, spinning your wheels, or just not getting as far as you know you could, let me suggest another way. 

The solution is as practical as it is magical. This is the core of our work together. You won't be disappointed. In fact, you'll be quite delighted, and relieved, with how your life moves forward. 


What would you like to be different?

Everyone has an inner urge to grow and be the best version of themselves. What simple decision could you make that would elevate your life and set you on a more fulfilling path?



How I can help you

With a very spot on intuition, nearly 2 decades of coaching and success tools to rewire your brain so it works for your potential rather than against it, and more than a bit of magic.



results of working together

  • Fear --> Clear
  • Stuck --> Started
  • Don't know --> Know for sure