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Like a spirit guide for your life. Except in human form. With a sense of humor & dance skills.

Like a spirit guide for your life. Except in human form. With a sense of humor & dance skills.

Ever feel like there’s something more for you, but it hasn’t clicked into place no matter what you try?

Life is going ok enough, but there’s a deeper desire for change that you just can’t shake. You search. You question. You take action. But you only make so much progress.

Enter me. I’m here to help you stop that cycle. ⭐

As a pragmatic psychic, my specialty lies in seeing exactly:

  • WHY you’re stuck

  • WHAT is really holding you back

  • The SPECIFIC TO YOU steps to turn it around


Yes, when I look at you, I can literally see who you are at your best. And so much more! It shows up visually. It’s as clear to me as anything physical.

Isn’t that wild?!

I find it pretty amazing, and so have my clients for the last 20 years. Perhaps it’s time for you to be one of them. ⭐

Working together isn’t just about telling you what I see though.

It involves strategy too. That’s where being a certified coach comes in handy.

What you get here is a very down to earth comprehensive approach to help you create the best life for you.

Like a cheatsheet for the good stuff, all while helping you navigate the more challenging parts of life with a bit more grace and ease.

Now let’s talk about your next steps. Click the button below and it will take you to one of the top services I offer.


Are you an entrepreneur wanting to take your business to the next level?

Wondering why your business isn’t blooming as much as you want it to?

Click the button below and I’ll show you just how we can transform that.


This next offering is a 60 minute jaunt into what’s really going on underneath the surface. It’s a jumpstart. Walk away thinking “That’s it! Now I get it.”


Ask a question. Get an answer. Live happily ever after. I kid. You still have to do the work. 😉

Beneficially Bossy is a membership community where members can ask me unlimited questions, of which I answer via Live 15 min videos.

It’s a very active, engaged, insightful, fun, and happy place to be. So say the members based on the comments rolling in.

They keep telling me it’s the first thing they check in on in the morning. Personally, I’d eat breakfast and do a little yoga first, but…do join!



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